Unit 4 Section 4.6: Motivating, Recognizing and
Celebrating Partners

It is important to check in regularly with partners and ask whether they are getting their needs met through their involvement in the partnership. Are they developing the skills they want to develop? Is the effort benefiting their organization? Do they feel comfortable with other partners?

In addition to celebrating individuals and partner organizations, it is import to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the partnership as a whole.   Celebration of a partnership’s accomplishments may help find and nurture advocates or champions of the partnership and/or programs.

Why partners keep coming to the table when funding is not an issue

  • Having a shared set of priorities

  • Having committed partners that see the value in the partnership and the research

  • It’s fun

  • There is respect for each other

  • Partners enjoy each other’s friendship

  • The partnership addresses individual partner’s interests

  • It’s an opportunity to be involved with like-minded people

  • The partnership has created community

  • There are mutually beneficial outcomes

  • There is open dialogue

Why partners keep coming to the table during a phase of no funding or transition to new funding

  • They have proactively decided to stay and have made a long-term commitment

  • The partnership is getting Involved in the policy process

  • The partnership is adapting and evolving

  • The partnership has strong, well-developed infrastructure

  • Some of the partnership’s projects have been institutionalized

Reasons why a partner organization might decide to leave a partnership

  • There has been a departure from the priorities

  • There has been a change in leadership

  • There is a lack of resources

  • It’s more beneficial for the partner to focus on their own organization

  • There has been misuse or abuse of partners

  • There are conflicting personalities or personal relationships

  • They are unhappy with the lack of progress in the partnership

  • They are unsatisfied with the style/process in which work was conducted

  • There has been a breach of trust and honesty

Reasons to celebrate in a partnership

  • When partnership goals are achieved

  • When funding is obtained

  • When a new project is developed, when a project achieves it goals, or at the completion of a project

  • When new staff or partners join the partnership or when staff or partners move on from the partnership

  • When staff or partners have a birthday or anniversary

  • When the partnership is having an anniversary

  • To partner, staff and/or volunteer contributions

  • To celebrate annual holidays or at the end of the year

  • To reconnect with or show appreciation for partners, staff and/or volunteers

Benefits of celebrating accomplishments

  • It’s an opportunity to reflect and renew

  • It motivates people

  • It can attract new partners, staff and/or volunteers

  • It can attract new investors, supporters and champions

  • It can generate publicity for the partnership

Ways partners can be recognized for their contributions

  • Parties

  • Awards or honors (given by the partnership or nominated for those outside of the partnership)

  • Positive letters to a partner’s colleagues or superiors

  • Financial compensation

  • Thank you letters

  • Public recognition (in newsletter articles, local press or events)