Unit 5: Show Me the Money Securing and Distributing Funds
Kirsten Senturia, Sarena D. Seifer and Kristine Wong

CBPR partnerships must be as pro-active as possible in pursuing continued and new sources of funding well before current funding is due to end. Just as important as securing funding is making decisions about what funds are needed and how they will be distributed. This unit is intended to help you identify and secure funding for your CBPR partnership as well as make decisions about how those funds are distributed.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify funding sources for CBPR
  • Develop criteria to decide whether or not to respond to a given request for proposal
  • Learn strategies for collaboratively developing a CBPR proposal
  • Learn strategies for securing sustainable long-term funding


Unit 5: Show Me the Money – Securing and Distributing Funds
Section 5.1 Developing a Fundraising Plan and Identifying Funding Sources
Section 5.2 Considering a Given Request for Proposals
Section 5.3 Collaboratively Writing Proposals
Section 5.4 Fundraising Strategies
Section 5.5 Securing Sustainable Long-Term Funding
Citations and Recommended Resources