Unit 7: Unpacking Sustainability in CBPR Partnerships
Sarah Flicker, Robert McGranaghan and Ann-Gel Palermo

Sustainability in the context of CBPR partnerships is not just about funding. This unit asks you to consider the multiple meanings of “sustainability” and the factors that contribute to it. It highlights the importance of ongoing evaluation to continuously improve the partnership, and challenges you to consider a variety of possible scenarios that could affect your partnership and its future.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the multiple meanings of “sustainability” to CBPR partnerships
  • Identify the role of a participatory, formative evaluation in improving and sustaining the partnership
  • Examine factors that can help and hinder sustainability and choose which are most important to your partnership
  • Develop criteria for determining which efforts to continue
  • Learn effective strategies for weathering change
  • Understand that partnerships evolve and in some cases need to dissolve


Unit 7: Unpacking Sustainability in a CBPR Partnership
Section 7.1 Using Partnership Evaluation for Managing, Planning and Strategizing
Section 7.2 Planning for Sustainability
Section 7.3 Determining Which Efforts to Continue
Section 7.4 Weathering the Change Process
Section 7.5 Deciding to End or Dissolve a Partnership
Citations and Recommended Resources